Private Lessons


The Teacher: I, as the teacher, am committed to providing quality training to each student. This includes a positive atmosphere for learning, supportive encouragement, and constructive criticism.    The student will learn not only how to play the instrument, but also the importance of good technique, theory and performance skills. I make it a point to inform the parent of goals that I have for the student, and progress the student is making.

The Student: The student should realize that daily practice is an essential part of becoming a pianist. It is best to practice immediately following a lesson to retain knowledge and new skills learned in that lesson.  The student should endeavor to follow all given instructions, read assignments and practice for the given amount of time each day. The student should arrive to lesson attentive and with all lesson materials. The student should also realize that he/she is responsible for completing all lesson assignments. If the student has a question concerning his/her assignment he/she is encouraged to call and talk with me.

The Parent: Please show enthusiasm for your child’s accomplishments, this is a very important factor as he/she learns a new skill. Make sure that your child has the proper practice environment, such as a well lighted area and quiet uninterrupted practice time. Ensure that your child arrives at lesson with all books and materials. As the parent, I will expect you to feel free to come to me with any questions you might have concerning your son/daughter’s musical education. Communication will play a major role in the relationship that we will be building.

Please be prompt for lessons.  Your late arrival will shorten your child’s actual lesson time.

Studio Activities: I host yearly studio recitals where my students can showcase their hard work — this is a great way to teach performance skills. In addition, I give group theory and performance classes several times a year.

Missed Lessons: If lessons are canceled due to teacher conflict or teacher illness, the lessons will be rescheduled at mutually convenient times. 

Tuition: $60 per hour / $30 per half hour

Discontinuing Study: One month of advance notice is required before you terminate music study.  Scheduling a fall lesson time implies a commitment to music study for the entire school year.

Your courtesy allows a smoother transition for students waiting for a lesson spot.