Why Music?

Why should you enroll your child in piano lessons?   Sure, we’ve all heard about the studies — music students score better on tests than their nonmusical counterparts — and maybe it’s true, but that’s not my main objective in wanting to pass on my love of music and the making of music to others —  I  know of numerous benefits music can have in one’s life, regardless of whether or not this includes acing a math quiz.   The art of making music is an activity in which a person must open his soul to express and share emotions through interpreting a written or improvised score.  Musicians are able to express themselves through their music — feelings of happiness, joy, and exhilaration;  quiet thoughts and musings; sadness or nostalgia; even anger — all of these can be portrayed through the making of music.  Sometimes these feelings are meant to be shared with others, – this is a very important job for a musician –  sharing the joy of music with those around us — but sometimes the feelings are for the musician’s  personal benefit, a time to unwind and relax, to build an intimate bond – just the musician and his music.   Both, music for self and music shared with others, can be a wonderfully gratifying and fulfilling experience — and this is the beauty of becoming a musician.

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